Participant Artists 2


Born in Beni Suef (Egypt), 1985; currently lives and works in Cairo.

Mustafa El Bana is a graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Minia University’s Graphics and Animation Department. He worked as a DIrector for animation films and produced a number of cartoons, including “The Return”, “The Mouse King” and “The Settlement.” He has participated in a number of festivals, locally and internationally, this includes; The Children’s Cinema Festival (Cairo), The Animation Festival (Belgium), The Stuttgart Festival for Moving Images (Germany), The Holland Festival for Moving Images (Utrecht). His work experience includes technical director, animator, studio manager, and director for commercial films in studio and media production agencies.



Born in Cairo (Egypt), 1977; currently lives and works in Cairo.

Ahmed Abdel Fattah is a graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Helwan University’s Sculpture Department in 2000, and since his graduation, he has worked as a teaching assistant for the same department he graduated from. During that period of a decade, Abdel Fattah has been actively involved in group exhibitions including the 14th-17th Youth Salons (2002-2005), S Gallery in Rome, 5+5 Gallery in Cairo, 100 mm exhibition at the Artellewa Gallry, amongst other significant shows in Damascus, Alexandria, and the Horizon One space at the Mahmoud Khalil Museum grounds. He has been granted scholarships  to travel to Turkey, Poland and Italy to further his research in the practice of sculpture, and has entered a number of competitions, of which he has received awards for, including; The Sculpture Prize at the Shomoo’ Gallery (2003), First Place Sculpture Prize of the Rateb Sedeeq Awards at the Cairo Atelier (2004), The Group Sculpture Award for Fine Art Lovers (2004) and the 16th Youth Salon Grand Prize for Sculpting (2004). Abdel Fattah’s work is part of the public collection of The Modern Art Museum and The Ceramic Center (Cairo), and various private acquisitions locally and abroad.



Born in Cairo (Egypt), 1977; currently lives and works in Cairo.

Tamer Shahen is a graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Helwan University’s Graphics Department in 2000. Specializing in animation, and the cartoon designer for animations in Egyptian Television, Tamer Shahen has been involved in several group exhibitions since 2007. This includes; “In the Name of Palestine,” Hanager Arts Centre; “Photo Egypt,” Cairo Conference Hall (2007), “One Step” at the Cairo Atelier; “Images Over Scripts” at El Ghoury Dome (2007); General Exhibition at The Modern Art Museum (2008); The Emirates International Photography Competition (2009); The First Kunst Exhibition (2009); “Stories from the Shadows” at The National Library (2009), “The Nile Salon for Photography” at the Mahmoud Mokhtar Museum (2009); “Africam” at the Modern Art Museum in Italy (2009), “Night” solo exhibition with the Australian Embassy (2010); “The Egyptian Revolution” at the Saxion University in Holland (2011); The 22nd Youth Salon at the Palace of the Arts (2011).



Born in Alexandria (Egypt), 1979; currently lives and works in Alexandria.

Ahmed El Samra is a graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Painting Department at the Alexandria University in 2000. A fine artist and film director, he received a scholarship to study Cinema in Egypt and internationally, where he then started to produce a number of short films, experimental films and documentaries in several national and international festivals (2002 – 2006). This includes; “Art is the b-east” in Nicosia, Cyprus (2009); L’Intants Video Festival, 21st Edition in Marseilles, France (2008); and the XIII BJCEM Biennale in Puglia, Italy (2008); as well as participated in a number of multimedia workshops in Lebanon, Alexandria, summer art festival in Malta, and a number of painting exhibitions such as at the Alexandria Atelier and Khan El Maghraby. From amongst twenty productions made to date, El Samra won two prizes from the 11th Short FIlm Festival at the Goethe Institute in Cairo, for Best Script and Best Film in his short story entitled “Colored Black”.



Born in Cairo (Egypt), 1989; currently lives and works in Cairo.

Mohamed Mohsen (aka “Chetos”), graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Helwan University’s Architecture Department in 2011 and works in a real estate and investment company.

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Participant Artists 1

AMR AMER   Amr Amer

Born in Egypt 1984; currently lives and works in Cairo.

Receiving a Bachelor of Arts Education from Faculty of Specific Education in 2008 at The Cairo University, Amer worked as a designer at El Mahrosa Publishing Center from 2007 until 2011, and also paralleled other jobs as an Art Director at Al Alamia Publishing and a freelance designer in Sharkiat since 2008 until 2011. He worked as a curator at El Balad Gallery for contemporary and visual arts from 2009 until 2011, and during that period he has been a practicing visual artist since 2003, participating in group and solo exhibitions at the Cairo Atelier, Amir Taz Palace, Mahmoud Mokhtar Museum and the Bibliotecha Alexandrina (Cairo and Alexandria – Egypt). His work mainly addresses the difficulties faced by Egyptian ideologies, by exploring the roots of folkloric history, and contemporary Egyptian life. Tackling issues behind religion and gender ideologies, Amer contradicts elements of Arabic script on the nude female body, causing a clash between the enforced and the unacceptable.


BASSEM YOUSRI  Bassem Yousri

Bassem Yousri is an Egyptian visual artist and independent filmmaker. He was born in Algeria in 1980 and raised in Cairo, Egypt. Yousri received his BFA in painting from the School of Fine Arts in Cairo in 2003, and his MFA in painting, drawing and sculpture from Tyler School of Art, Temple University in Philadelphia in 2009. Yousri was the recipient of a Fulbright Art’s Grant in 2006, and a fellowship from Kala Art Institute in Berkeley, California in 2010.

In his work, Yousri uses the whole gallery space as a canvas for his site-specific installation work where different surfaces, perspectives, and mediums overlap and intersect. In Parallel to his mixed media installation work, he creates experimental videos and documentary movies. Egyptian social and political situation, Human rights, cross-cultural dialogue, stereotypes, mass culture and the relationship between art and audience are some ideas that concern Yousri’s work.

Since 2000, Yousri has participated in several collective shows in Egypt (Cairo), USA (Philadelphia, Boston, San Fransisco), Italy (Torino) and his documentary film titled Keep Recording was shown in Murcia’s Manifesta Biennale in Spain in 2010. Additionally, Yousri was commissioned to design and execute a large mural in Ephrata, Pennsylvania in 2009. He has had three solo shows in Philadelphia: at the Leonard Pearlstein art gallery at Drexel University in 2006, at the Knapp Gallery in September 2008, and at Tyler School of Art in March 2009. Yousri was invited in March of 2011 as a visiting artist at Kansas State University where he had his fourth solo show and he is currently working on a feature length documentary movie titled Film Romancy that he expects to finish by the end of 2012.


IBRAHIM SAAD   Ibrahim Saad 

Born in Cairo (Egypt), 1977; currently lives and works in Cairo.

Ibrahim Saad received his BA degree at Faculty of Fine Arts. Working at the Jesuit Cultural Center in Cairo as coordinator for the Visual Arts Program. Over the past few years, Saad has worked at the Townhouse Gallery’s “Sawa” workshop and “Sawa Generation”, and in addition, he taught art to children at the Artellewa Gallery. His work can be considered an investigation into the depths of the human soul, as he tries to find new ways of communicating human emotions in a childish context. Saad models and remodels himself in his performances, photography and video projects, only to capture the natural innocence sought by human behavior.

Group exhibitions include:

2002 “FOR JURUSELAM”, Hanager Center of Art; 2004 16th Youth Salon; 2004 Nile Salon for Photography; 2004  7th Small Pieces  Salon; 2005  17th Youth Salon; 2005  25th National Exhibition for Plastic Art; 2006  French Culture Center; 2007  “MAYBE AT THE GARDEN”   Cairo Atelier; 2007  Group exhibition; 2007  18th Youth Salon; 2007  “ATLAS”  Art Elliewa Gallery; 2007  “WAITING IN THE WHITE”  due with Jolie Exonforce, Cairo Atelier; 2007  25th Cairo Atelier Salon; 2007  “YOUTH X YOUTH “ Ebdaa Gallery; 2007  Group exhibition at Goethe Institute, Townhouse Gallery; 2007  “ Smile while going up” installation on walls of the building, Spanish Culture Center; 2007   Summer festival at Qaied Bay Castle, Alexandria; 2007   Photography Group Exhibition,   Townhouse; 2007   “Gomaa Market” ,   Townhouse; 2007    “ What is happening now “with George Fekry Art palace, Cairo Opera house; 2007  Black and white on the walls of Townhouse”  with George Fekry; 2007  “sketches“  with Lotchi , Townhouse; 2008  “100mm X 100mm” Arteliewa Gallery; 2008   Sawa  at Gomhoria Theater group exhibition, Townhouse Gallery; 2008   “ rosomat” at Townhouse gallery (installation art  painting on all the white colours with music and light system); 2008    “Dodels art or sketch” at Mahmoud Mokhtar Museum; 2008  “Selfmap”, Arteliewa Gallery; 2008 “no difference” installation,  at Shenzben, China; 2009 “for Gaza” Cairo Atele, Cairo; 2009 exhibition at the French Center, Cairo; 2009 “Drawings” El Gezera Center, Zamalek, Cairo; 2009 Model Citizens Townhouse Gallery, Cairo; 2009 “The Sixth Wall” Artistic Installation at the Manesterly Palace; 2009 “Diversity Dialogue Lunch” New York University Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development, New York City, USA; 2010 “But a Shadow of Myself : a Collaboration” the Tin Shop, Breckenridge, Colorado, USA; 2010 “Model Citizen Continuum”, Schunck Museum, Heerlen, Netherlands; 2010 “Forms of Compensation” Bidoun Projects @ Townhouse Gallery, Cairo; 2010 “Forms of Compensation”, Bidoun Projects @ Art Dubai 2010, Emirate of Dubai; 2010 “Angels in the Bar”, El Gezera Center, Zamalek, Cairo; 2010 “The Sea Symposium”, Qaitbay Citadel, Alexandria; 2010 “The Sea Symposium”, El Gezera Center, Zamalek, Cairo; 2010 “The Second Black and White Salon”, El Gezera Center, Zamalek, Cairo; 2010 “The Second Black and White Salon”, Library of Alexandria, Alexandria; 2010 “But a Shadow of Myself at Jesuit”, Cairo; 2010 “Cairo Atelier Salon”, Cairo; 2011 “The Changing Room: Arab Reflections on Praxis and Times,” Spazio Qubi, Turin – Italy; 2011 “The 22nd Youth Salon” Palace of the Arts, Opera House Grounds, Cairo – Egypt (Grand Prize).

Group projects include:

“Model Citizens “ with Elke Uitentuis and Wouter Osterholt from Netherlands ,making models for the buildings of Townhouse and the surrounding buildings; “Mobile School” with Djamel Koken from Algeria; “But a Shadow of Myself” with Alexandra Zevin. An international, intercultural, intergenerational project in which participants use silhouettes to develop self –portraits and collaborative drawings; “Model Citizens – Continuum” Two month project with Elke Uintentuis and Wouter Osterholt  at the Schunck Museum, Netherlands; “Forms of Compensation” Sponsored by Bidoun Projects and Townhouse Gallery.


ISLAM KAMAL  Islam Kamal

Born in Alexandria (Egypt), 1978; currently lives and works in Alexandria.

Islam Kamal is a visual artist and Director. A graduate from the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Alexandria, where he specialized in Photography, Kamal had also studied movie-making with ” SEMAT “at the Jesuit Cultural Center of Alexandria. He worked as a multimedia specialist at the Faculty of Fine Arts from 2003 to 2006, and since 2004, he works as a director of photography for several digital video films, and as the coordinator of film studies at the Jesuit Cultural Center. He’s also a member of the video production studio «FIGLEAF».

Kamal directed several short films and five documentaries, some of which have been presented during the XIII Biennal of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean in Bari, Italy (2008).



Born in Cairo (Egypt); currently lives and works in Cairo.

Mohamed Ezz is an Egyptian photographer and engineer who originally graduated from the Faculty of Engineering at The Cairo University in 2007. His passion for visual arts had started years before studying engineering, and in 2003, he started focusing on photography. Ezz tries to capture different scenes taking place in his surrounding environment. His focus is on “community,” and draws great attention to the people and situations occurring in his daily life; the streets, the buildings, and neighborhood activities from different aspects of the Egyptian society. Additionally, Ezz tries to explore new ways to demonstrate his work, by attending various workshops, including painting, video and interactive art in order to build further his knowledge and practice in the arts.

In 2005, Ezz began participating in artistic events and exhibitions, where he received several awards for his work. Most recently he won the jury’s award from the Delegation of the European Union (2008), the Golden Award at the Emirates International Photography Competition (2009) and the Golden Sharjah Award for Arab Photography (2011).



Born in Cairo (Egypt), 1984; currently lives and works in Cairo.

Osama Abdel Moneim studied at the Faculty of  Fine Arts at The Minia University, specializing in Graphic Design and Printmaking, but also works as a photographer, painter and draughtsman. Abdel Moneim has participated in more than 30 group exhibitions since 2002 including exhibitions abroad. In 2010 and 2011 he received a full-time grant for creativity from the Egyptian Ministry of Culture, and also received several awards among which was the Grand Prize of the 22nd Youth Salon, 2011; Oscar of 3rd Festival of Fine Creation, 2009;  Salon Prize (First Award in Drawing) at 20th Youth Salon, 2007; Prize of Rateb Sediaq (First Award in Annual Competition of Painting) at the Cairo Atelier, 2007; and Third Award in Photography at The 6th Nile Salon held at the Palace of Arts in Cairo.



Born in Ismailia (Egypt), 1980; currently lives and works in Cairo.

Osama Dawod is a graduate from the Faculty of Arts in Cairo, with a BFA in design and printmaking. He received his Masters degree from the San Francisco Art Institute in California ad he was the recipient of the Photography Department Merit Fellowship. In addition to participation in various exhibitions in Egypt, Europe and Asia including two solo shows at the Townhouse Gallery in 2005 and Artellewa 2008, Dawod participated in a number of workshops and residencies in Egypt, Nepal, Denmark, Ethiopia, and the United States. Dawod conducted photography workshops in Denmark and in Egypt, and teaches Photography at the American University in Cairo.

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