About project – SHIFT DELETE 30

Shift Delete 30 Design


(Shift delete 30) is a contemporary visual art project (Exhibition and series of panel discussions) organized by young artist collation under the umbrella of Egyptian Culture Ministry – Fine arts sector, with the support of Out Of The Circle Initiative and Finding projects organization. The project idea based on reconsidering a previous thirty years either with deletion or addition or reformulation in the way every artist see it suitable within a period of time, to enable us define its feature and find a logical and systematic evaluation of this period .


The young artist collation group thinks it is important to open the field for all the thoughts and ideologies without any bias or discrimination, to help in the creation of an ideological and intellectual move, aim to have a social dialog and a creative opportunity without being bounded with customs, traditional or norms, and to fly away from all the bureaucratic forms which cripple any chance of development, and has no aim but to be isolate from the surrounded world and to froze the minds.
The group is pursuing the method of shock to break all the taboos that control our life, and think that new ideas and different styles must be presented to create a dialog between the artist and the public and that can happen through direct contact with realty and its prohibition that impose or incite a social shock aim to create an artistic perestroika which will strike the public and force them to reconsider their ideas and thoughts.


  • The group try to create an interactive relation between the public and visual art, through inviting artist to participate in several interactive exhibitions aim to discover a real mechanism to develop the contemporary Art, and try to understand and analyze the Egyptian artistic field to reach a clear and specific scale of the contemporary concept of artistic work.
  • Create a dialog between public and artists through the accepting and the rejecting reaction produced by a group of unusual exhibition, which will cause social and cultural shock.
  • Measure the curve of artistic development of young Artist and define specific bases of the Egyptian contemporary Art.
  • ¬†Make a space for predicting of realty, through artists induction of past and present details.
  • Present a different philosophy aim to create social and cultural shock.

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